Boggle, Beautiful sunrises, Books to share

I am grateful for Boggle. My wife and I like playing the game together. The games are short, there isn’t a big set-up, and they allow for some quality connection time! And… I usually win (even against my beautiful English teacher bride 😉

I am grateful for the beautiful sunrises I get to witness this time of year! Due to time changes, the sun rises a bit later so I get to see the beauty when I walk my son to school. It makes an amazing backdrop for us to do our “walking affirmations” together.

I am grateful for great books! We have a Lindeman Lending Library at my office, and people have started taking the books to read. I love great books and I love being able to share them with others!

boggle1golden_sunrise IMG_9201


Common goals, good music, great books

Last night we had a regional Pinnacle meeting. Basically, we get together at another doctor’s office (doctors and chiropractic assistants attend), a group of doctors speak and we try to learn, inspire and grow. I am thankful for being part of a group who’s purpose is to improve the way we can serve others, and to improve our ability to serve more people.

I am grateful for music that helps inspire me and fills me up with joy, so that I may share that joy with all those I come in contact with. 

I am grateful for good books that help keep me inspired as well. 

Notes, nature, night

This morning, the boys and I awoke to some amazing notes that Sheri (my wife/their mother) left for us. I am so grateful for her love and the way she expresses it!

I am grateful for the gorgeous landscape this morning. It snowed yesterday and the sun is shining today off the beautiful snow capped peaks!

I am grateful for the time we get to spend as a family in the evening. Payton’s soccer practice was cancelled so we ate together and played SushiGo. It was a great night! 

Salmon, mountains, family

On Friday I attempted to make my first homemade smoked salmon. It turned out AWESOME! I am thankful for my smoker, the day off to use it and the family to share it with. 

On Saturday, we took a trip to Frisco to see the changing leaves and just enjoy nature. It was a great trip! I am thankful for living where we do, in such a beautiful state and I am grateful to know we can escape to nature so easily.

On Sunday, Isaac had a flag football game and he played lights out!! I am thankful that he has found a sport he loves playing, I am thankful for his energy and his happiness! 

3 thingsThursday 

I am grateful for the insight timer app, it’s an easy, in-intimidating way to add meditation into my day. 

I am grateful for crisp fall morning walks to get my energy flowing. 

I am grateful for the joy and love I am surrounded with. I am truly thankful for my family and friends. 

3 things


I am grateful for Pangea coffee! We found this amazing coffee roaster in Golden on Saturday when we had some time to kill before Payton’s soccer game. The coffee is amazing! We purchased some Nicaraguan coffee for home and had a cup this morning (we are still finishing our other coffee). It is SOOOOOO much better than what we have been drinking!

I am grateful for the fact I get to have time at breakfast with my entire family and we aren’t rushing about too much. The time we spend to get ready for the day is precious.

I am grateful for my amazing staff at my office. We have had a fun week so far, and we are meeting to set goals/intentions for the rest of the year. I am thankful that they are driven, compassionate and caring!

National Kids’ Health Day

Yesterday was National Kids Health Day. We celebrated in our office by providing balloons, amazing cupcakes by Sweetcakes Bakery, and fun. It was a blast. I was honored to introduce families to Chiropractic, I was able to check and adjust a lot of children, moms and dads. It was a tremendously fun day and I am thankful for all the families that trust me with their health!