Little things for big steps

Yesterday I installed these fancy “instead of laces” things in my shoes.

Pretty small things, but I love them!

I have never been a big fan of shoelaces and I’m a bit too old for the bow biters.

Now I never need to tie my shoes again, slip on, slip off but they stay snug all day long.

I am grateful for little improvements that can make a big difference. (At this point, I am not just talking about shoelaces…)

What can you implement today that seems so small but can have a huge, positive impact on your life?

I am grateful because there are so many πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

-Dr Lindeman

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Special trips

This weekend, we took a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was Sheri, Payton and I. Isaac had his own special trip with Sheri’s parents to Galveston, TX. I will post pictures on that another day.

It was such a great trip! Also, a friend posted about her toddler telling her soon he’d be too big to hold and I just started crying a little when I read it.

Time flies so fast.

As a parent, I balance on a knife edge sometimes between being so proud of the young men my boys are becoming, and a powerful desire to bring them back to toddler-hood (or at least halt time now) so that I can keep them with me forever.

It is truly an amazing (and at times, overwhelming) feeling.

And I love it all!

I am so grateful for my wife, my son Payton and my other son Isaac. I am surrounded by love in this family and I feel embraced at all times.

I am thankful!

Misty Mornings and Motivation


This morning in Colorado, it is crazy misty!

Some people could describe it as “dreary.”

I love it! I love how Colorado shares all types of weather!

I am grateful for change and for moisture and for it all!

I also am grateful for motivation. It can be found EVERYWHERE. I watched this video this morning:

Vishen Lakhiani discusses the paradox of intention. The fact that in order to be truly happy, we need to have big dreams for the future, but we need to be happy in the now, and enjoying the process of moving toward those goals.

It was a great reminder that the journey is the ultimate goal πŸ™‚

Happy Thursday!

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I am so thankful!

My book: Purposely Positive: How to Live an Intentional and Inspired Life has been purchased/downloaded 1093 times!

I am thankful for everyone who took the time to give it a read!

I am thankful that I live in a world where it is encouraged to share my thoughts with the world.

I am thankful for the many avenues available to do so!

I am thankful!