Grateful for Gratitude

As we near the end of the year, I wanted to make a distinct effort to sincerely thank all my amazing patients. I am so grateful for them allowing me to be their family’s Chiropractor, it truly is the best job in the entire universe.

I have also found that the more I make this effort, with a sincere thanks, a hug, or whatever means makes the most sense… I feel better and better in side.

Gratitude grows the heart of the grateful one 😉


Happy Holidays and I am SOOOOO thankful for all my patients, readers, co-workers and friends!



What a trip!

This past weekend, my wife and I joined 4 other chiropractic couples at an amazing house in Cabo San Lucas. We had an unbelievable time! We “talked shop”, laughed, relaxed, recharged, ate (a lot of) great food and connected as individuals. It was a lot of fun. I am thankful that we were able to attend! I am thankful for the people who came with us (old friends and new). I am thankful for the beautiful world we live in. I am thankful for my amazing wife whom I adore! I am thankful!

Steamboat Serenity

This weekend, we took a (sort of) spur of the moment trip to Steamboat Springs. It was incredibly beautiful, refreshing for the soul, and offered a weekend of connection for our family! We took some hikes through amazing scenery, ate some amazing food, shopped and bought some great stuff and spent some quality time together as a family. It was purely awesome! I am so grateful for the freedom to enjoy weekends, the proximity to such amazing places here in Colorado, and for my family, whom I love with all that I am!

Comfortable shoes, Colorado weather, Creative Coffee

I stand all day long at my job (well for both 3 hour shifts anyway ;). I am so grateful for comfortable shoes! A friend told me about Hoka One shoes for running, but they are phenomenal for just standing too! They have support and a great cushion, so I am truly grateful for them!


Yesterday was 80 degrees out here in Colorful Colorado! We may get some snow today! I love Colorado weather, we get to experience such a spectrum, but one thing is for sure, the sun is almost always shining!


I ordered coffee from 1000 Faces Coffee Company. Apparently, they are rated really high. I love how the coffee comes, in biodegradable, re-sealable bags. On each bag there are flavor notes like “blueberry, rum, bourbon, oak,” etc. I love coffee and I love the huge realm of flavors that you can find!


Notes, nature, night

This morning, the boys and I awoke to some amazing notes that Sheri (my wife/their mother) left for us. I am so grateful for her love and the way she expresses it!

I am grateful for the gorgeous landscape this morning. It snowed yesterday and the sun is shining today off the beautiful snow capped peaks!

I am grateful for the time we get to spend as a family in the evening. Payton’s soccer practice was cancelled so we ate together and played SushiGo. It was a great night! 

Rules of the universe

I am so grateful for some of the unwrites “laws” of life. One enormous one is that you cannot out-give the universe. When we give joy, we receive joy. When we lift others up, we are lifted up. When we help others, our own burdens are decreased. These aren’t “mystical”, they are 100% reality. I am grateful that when I practice kindness, compassion, love, and gratitude all of these flow back into my life over and over again!

Soul squeeze

This weekend, I had a seminar in Kansas City and listened to some amazing speakers.  They reminded me of who I am and who I can become. I am so grateful for the “squeezes” of the soul that propel me to wake up, to love, to serve, to care more fully. I am grateful for my life, and the amazing people in it that lead me from motivation to inspiration and ultimately to transformation.