Kitchen Accents 

My wife has begun listening to audiobooks. Mostly she gets mysteries spoken by a British or Austrailian author. I love hearing them. I don’t know what’s going on in the stories but I can see her smile and can feel her joy. Pretty awesome! 


Payton won the spelling bee!!

My children are amazing and can do anything they want in life! I am so proud of Payton, he did great in the spelling bee and is on to district championships!!!


My Birds

I am grateful for my  two cockatiels- Baby Jack, and Sal. I have had Baby Jack for almost 11 years now, I got him when he was super tiny and had to hand feed him with a syringe. Sal- I do not know how old he is since he was wild but they bring so much joy and laughter to our house =) 20160122_082500.jpg1931381_10153139228976017_5555795725316939556_n.jpg

Ding Ding Reminders

I started working on the other blog this morning. The post is going to be a synopsis of the Ding-Dings from 2015.  IF you don’t know, Ding-Dings are little sticky notes that we (as an office) write when a patient says something great (progress, joy, etc). We jot them down and share them as a group. This year I decided to write out most of them on the other blog to remind us and everyone else how awesome Chiropractic is and how grateful we are for all the lives we get to impact in such a meaningful way.  So this morning… HUGE amounts of Joy, gratitude and humility with all the things people have said. I am so grateful for this “profession” that allows me to so fully follow my purpose! An example of a Ding-Ding:ding


I am thankful that I was able to go to the Broncos game and that they were able to pull out a win! I can’t wait to go again this coming weekend 🙂 GO BRONCOS!!bronco