I subscribed to a weekly journaling series. I am very excited to start. I feel that it is going to be a great way to reflect on the different experiences in my life, and another way to be grateful for the every day things =)



I am grateful for excuses for friends to get together, we had our fantasy football draft on Friday and 8 guys came over to the house and a few more online.  It was a blast and a great way to hang out with some friends that I don’t get to see very often!


Whenever Casey and I drive together we always put on music and sing every song that comes on! It is so much fun or we make up words to the songs we already know and it gets really funny!  Makes me laugh just thinking about it. =)

My Husband

Today (and every day) I am grateful for a husband who is a leader, provider, and best friend. I will never doubt him or his abilities. I am so proud of him and so proud to be his wife. God sent me a good one 🙂

Answers and advice…always

I am grateful for the fact that whenever I am feeling I am “missing something” the answer shows up… I have been feeling kind of stale and such… this weekend rekindled some of the motivation and I received a book in the mail that in its title it says “how to rekindle your passion for chiropractic, for the rest of your life.”  It always seems if I just let go and allow, answers and advice prove themselves to be within arms reach 🙂

This ball

we found this ball at target and Hermione can’t get enough! It’s awesome to be able to play with my family and my dog in the am and at lunch! Plus it’s great this ball doesn’t get stuck under the couch and we have to dig it out all the time 🙂