I am grateful for all our awesome patients who share and teach me new discoveries everyday.


I am grateful for the

hometown feel! Sabres had their road tour on Friday. Casey and I went and it was so awesome to be surrounded by Buffalo Fans, and Sabres Alumni. They had “Buffalo” food, and Labatt Blue and it was just a really fun atomsphere to be in.


I am so grateful for all the people who trust me (and whom I can trust) in my life. I have an amazing wife, wonderful children, a brother, 2 sisters, and some incredibly close friends. I am blessed to have a profession that I get to help people feel and live better, and they trust me to do so.

Trust is an amazing thing and I am beyond grateful for the amount of trust I have in my life!trust

Friendly Neighbors!

This weekend, my wife and I finished putting together the basketball hoop for the family. It was not the easiest thing in the world… We had at least 2 neighbors come over and offer to help. I am so grateful for my neighbors for the kindness of people and for spreading that kindness!

These three animals…in a dog bed


I am grateful for little moments that lead to big smiles! Isaac (my youngest son) decided he wanted to eat his breakfast while sitting on the dog bed, my wife joined him, and then Hermione trotted in, looked at the bed and split the difference between them.

My other son was still sleeping…he is a middle school student ;).

Life is good :)!


P.S. Hermione is a beautiful standard poodle, but everytime we take her picture she looks like a big black blob with a snout…


Warm breeze…in February?!?!


I am so grateful for this short stretch of amazing weather we have had! 70+ degrees a couple days in a row in February!

I am grateful to be able to walk to work and enjoy the amazing Colorado weather!

I am grateful to live close to parks so we can go outside and enjoy the days/evenings as a family!

(P.S. I didn’t take this picture but I “took” it from Google Earth from the lake near our house 🙂