Grow and Evolve

I am grateful for opportunities to grow and evolve in all realms of life.

Last night, I watched a webinar (2 hours) on evolving my doctor’s notes and software to become more compliant, streamlined and beneficial for the patient. I know that if I hold on to stability too hard (in any area of my life), I am basically hoping to be a stone… stones don’t grow 🙂

At first changes can seam daunting but I am grateful for opportunities to grow!



Technology and catching misuse

This morning when I went to check the calendar on my phone, I noticed 3 messages from chase bank. Apparently someone tried to use my business card number to purchase a few things from hotels and $50 worth of tuition to the University of Cambodia. Chase caught it, declined the charges and informed me. After a 5 minute conversation, my card was cancelled and a new one was on the way. 

I am grateful for the way they caught these charges, alerted me and fixed it so quickly! 

Puppy play

This weekend we had a wonderful Easter with my family. Lots of laughs, stories, connection and love. At the end, my parents Great Dane (Timber) who is normally a very calm dog, was romping around too. It was great! 

Helping each other

What a great seminar/meeting this past weekend! I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of people! I am also grateful for the great meeting we had yesterday as an office! I am blessed to be work with people in and out of the office that want to improve our communities, our families and ourselves! 

Chiropractic Seminars

I am grateful for Chiropractic Seminars- meeting new people, growing as a Chiropractic Assistant, and as a person. I am grateful for these opportunities to continute to do better and better the lives of our patients. =)