Amazing week!

What a great week! Amazing Monday at work, family time on the beach, learning with some of the best doctors/people at an amazing hotel, life is great and I am beyond grateful for all of my blessings!



Dog park play

The other day my amazing family picked me up during my awesome long lunch and we went to the dog park! The kids love it as much as Hermione! Grateful for so much about this experience: long lunch, family lives close, beautiful dog park, amazing dog, out to lunch from a gift card a orient gave us…life is amazing!

My surroundings

I was thinking the other day, that you surround yourself (for the most part) with the very best people, and best environment you can, for what you want out of life. Its funny when you look past your bubble and realize that your life is truly what you make of it. There are still people out there trying to bring others down, and doing hurtful things, and I am just grateful that the people in my life strive to bring out the best in each other. (I don’t know if this makes sense but I’m putting it out there)

Boat Building

Casey and I have been putting together this model boat and it is intense!

You have to use blueprints,


and sand everything, and plank the deck, and use itty bitty nails!

We probably could build an actual boat by the time we are done putting this thing together! But it is fun to have something to work on together instead of just watching tv. =)