New couch!

Since we had hardwood floors installed, we haven’t had a couch upstairs (we have one in the basement).  We got it yesterday! I love it and I am grateful for all the comforts I have on a daily basis. Life is good!



Little Signs

I am grateful for the little reminders in life that we see on a daily basis- We just have to look. This was one I saw yesterday =)


New Life

My mom has been taking care of this cat that she found over the summer, she named her Tipster, and it just had little baby kittens. There are five total and they are so cute!

The game of Life

Last night after dinner, we played Life (the board game) as a family. The kids had a blast and it was a great reminder that the game of (real) life is exciting, fun, ever-changing and just plain awesome!

This Weekend

This weekend Kyle and I get to watch our niece and nephew, Blakely and Paxton! They are 1.5 and 3, and are the sweetest little babies. I love being an aunt 🙂 So excited!!

Cheesy fun!

This morning I booked a limo for the AwolNation concert for Sheri and I and 4 other couples.  It is going to be fun and cheesey! We will probably be some of the oldest people at the show but it will be phenomenal! I am grateful for doing things out of the ordinary sometimes to keep life exciting!