Mirror Messeges

I started writing messages on my mirror, my wife’s and my kiddo’s bathroom mirror.  Usually just some kind words or motivational sayings that really help start the day and end the day right!  My wife has started adding to what I wrote to help me keep my heart and head on the same page too!



I am grateful for having some amazing friends in my life. Over the weekend we all got together and carved pumpkins, a friend made dinner and we watched halloween movies. It was the perfect fall day and I am very thankful for the people I shared it with.

little reminders

I am grateful for the reminders God puts in my path.  This week fighting a cold helped remind me to conserve energy, don’t waste time, be prepared to serve at all times, take care of myself, relax during time off, and empathize with those who do not feel well.  These reminders help fuel my purpose.


One of the best things about moving home is getting to be with my little sister. She’s fourteen and has just begun her freshman year of high school. She loves How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and Castle. She reads books about mermaids, castles, dragons, kings and queens. She plays the viola and is on the basketball team. Bethany looks just like me (well besides being eight years younger). She has a sense of honesty that will cut you to the core. And the older she gets, the more fun it is to have her around. I love my sister. FullSizeRender

Beauty In Every Day

I am grateful I can find beauty in every day. The other day I was driving, and just noticing all the pretty colorful trees, the leaves blowing everywhere, fresh air, and of course the hot air balloons.  I was going the speed limit, and EVERYONE was just racing around me, flying down the street. They are missing the beauty all around them. I am grateful I have the ability to slooowww down and take it all in


Yearly Traditions

I am grateful for yearly traditions with my friends. Especially around this time of year, there are many! Obviously the pumpkin patch is one of them..

PART_1413906777458_20141017_143904PART_1413906810407_20141017_145125I go with the same people every year, and love every minute of it!