I am so grateful for the wonderful conversations I get to have each morning: with my wife, my children, friends and colleagues. As part of my morning routine, I have some quiet time to prepare for the day, and I speak to some great friends/colleagues and we discuss what we are going to work on in order to better serve our patients. I am thankful for the time, the connection and the ability to set the stage to an amazing day!



A Weekend worthy of THANKS!

This Thanksgiving weekend was fantastic! We had 16 people over for the big feast, watched some football, told some stories, connected and laughed… a LOT! I love Thanksgiving because it always brings us together and we all connect on a deep level.

We also worked at a Holiday Fair (Gypsy Farmhouse Market) on Saturday as an entire family, and it was a lot of fun as well.

Sheri and I had a home date night, which was awesome.

I am so thankful for all the people in my life, and taking extra time to connect.

I am also thankful for my shiny new phone (and cool new photo options) I took this picture at the Market Saturday…


I am grateful for…

*My AMAZING wife Sheri *My incredibly smart and compassionate children Payton and Isaac *My brother Tony *My sisters Robin and Karin *My parents *Sheri’s Parents *My awesome dog Hermione *My chiropractic office *Walking to work *Hard working, compassionate, caring Jessica (my rock star Office Manager) *My smoothie machine (ninja) *My house *My cool Audi *Our Honda Pilot family hauler *My income *Referral based practice *My newest (and closest) friends Matt and Blake *Scotty Ash (who has been my best bud for over 25 years) *A group of like-minded individuals, pushing each other to improve how we serve *inspirational books *music *itunes *the book I am writing * *my journal *awesome Tvs at home *technology at work *digital xray *mentorship (receiving and providing) *Chiropractic *my health and the health of my family *Michael Perry counseling *vacations *Pinnacle trips *morning coffee/breakfast with the family *freedom *financial stability *”first world” problems * *The Rocky Mountains *Sunrises *Sunsets *family walks *beers with the guys *topgolf days *Fridays off *26 hour work weeks * Laughter and the choice to laugh *Simple Exercises (push ups, planks, etc) *computers *homebrewing *Reading *Down Time *Hustle and Bustle time *New Patients *Existing Patients *Game nights with friends *poker night with the boys *trips to Lake of the Ozarks *Silent Snowstorms *Loud Rain/thunderstorms *Birds out my window at home *Chess or Cribbage with Sheri *Smiles of strangers *Hugs from friends *Big Dreams *clean water *Connection to others *Breathing exercises *Meditation *unexpected text messages *inspirational quotes *dinner at a friend’s house *meeting up with ‘old friends’ *NFL football *Fancy coffee *lunchtime naps *cuddle time *scented candles *air conditioning *heating *heated seats in the car *chiropractic forms done for me *speedy scanners at work *my cell phone *people that love me *trips to the mountains *blogging *video-game-mind-escapes *team building activities *playing soccer *throwing the football or Frisbee or baseball with my wife and kids *driving the RC car with my boys *weekly phone calls with Dennis and John to get mentally prepared to serve *text groups as an outlet for inspiration and gratitude *Netflix and amazon instead of cable *high speed internet *opportunities for learning *Hugs from patients *laughter at “work” *Warm jackets *lunch meetings *great food nearby *variety of food *Dr. Stiles’ radiology reports *Bosu Ball workouts while watching a good show *journaling *restful sleep *vision *purpose *love *Colorado sunshine *Freedom to take weekend vacations *Freedom to take weekly vacations *Good health *Financial freedom to have PRP/Stem Cell therapy done *Playing pool with my sons *Freedom to go out to dinner *Salary bonuses (giving and receiving) *”Mastermind” groups *All the kiddos I get to treat *Hugs from kiddos *All the gratitude I receive from patients *Seeing current and past patients wherever I go *The overwhelming love and compassion I am surrounded by… *The fact that this list will go on for infinity! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was so much fun! I was able to attend Payton’s Student-of-the-month award breakfast. I picked up a shiny new kegerator for my hombrew hobby. I went golfing, indoors using an awesome virtual golf simulator. I watched my son play two Futsal games as goalkeeper. Sheri and I went on a fun date night. I brewed a batch of beer with a few buddies. I watched some football (even if the Broncos aren’t very fun to watch this year). And we had dinner at a wonderful family’s house. Life is good. I am truly grateful!

Steamboat Serenity

This weekend, we took a (sort of) spur of the moment trip to Steamboat Springs. It was incredibly beautiful, refreshing for the soul, and offered a weekend of connection for our family! We took some hikes through amazing scenery, ate some amazing food, shopped and bought some great stuff and spent some quality time together as a family. It was purely awesome! I am so grateful for the freedom to enjoy weekends, the proximity to such amazing places here in Colorado, and for my family, whom I love with all that I am!