I listened to Dr. Devin Vrana’s speech at FOCUS this morning while on a long walk.  It really inspired me to BE BETTER!  There are too many kids, babies, and adults that NEED chiropractic for me to be complacent.  Bringing patients into the office is for THEIR benefit, if they can’t make it here, let’s send them to someone else, but they need chiropractic care.  GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, ADJUST, ADJUST, ADJUST, SERVE, SERVE, SERVE…  Don’t think about the “getting”, love them and let them know we can help their loved ones, never let up in giving that loving service.  BE BETTER! 


Spontanaity, Smiles, The Joy of Children, and lights

Last night as I walked in the door from work, the kids yelled “Dad we are going to Lakeside!”  Sheri had dinner ready, we ate and we went out the door.  We met my brother and his family there and rode some OLD rides. The kids were all smiles and the connection between the cousins was palpable.  There is just something about amusement parks to bring out the kids in everyone!  And noticing the ear to ear smiles on the children touches one’s soul and implants seeds of happiness!  What a fun time! 10527435_10203322807684420_7944210588930048892_n10357761_10203547631785820_43788009176636505_o


I am overwhelmed with joy each and every day by my friends! They are always there for me when I need them no matter what. I’m extremely grateful to be able to rely on them, just like they can rely on me! I definitely do not take that for granted.



My boys!

I am so grateful for Payton and Isaac! Sheri was out of town this weekend, so we had a boys weekend, and I got to spoil them rotten :).  They have such love for the world, are always ready have fun in any situation and they both tell me they love me at least once an hour.  I am blessed!


You choose to be happy. A lot contributes to happiness, but there is no other way I would want to spend my days!



I am grateful for smiles, seeing them, creating them.  Smiles release the good hormones, you can’t feel bad and smile at the same time.  Smiles actually allow people to live longer.  Its easy to find things that make you smile… just make sure you follow through on your end and SMILE :))))smiles


Hope is a universal emotion that gets people through the day. I am grateful that we are able to experience such a lovely feeling everyday. It may be in the littlest of things such as hoping on seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while, or hope that tomorrow will be a better day, or when you are not feeling well you hope that the next day you will. Without hope we wouldn’t be able to make out goals for ourselves or be wishful. Hope in companionship with faith make an unbeatable team 🙂  hope