Change of Plans

My friend had a change of plans for Saturday, and we are getting together! I haven’t seen her in awhile, and we used to meet up every week. She recently just bought a house, and is managing a Starbucks in Evergreen! I am so happy for her, and cannot wait to catch up. We always have so much fun together!10434003_10152456699836017_9184555986509213781_n



i am grateful that whenever there is a perceived “issue” there is almost always a solution that brings  me to a brighter and better place. Problems are always opportunities. 


I am grateful for the opportunity I had over the weekend, in KC, to connect with some great people! We shared a lot of helpful information, and exchanged emails to keep that connection going!

Learning experiences

i am grateful for this weekend! The trip to KC was fun but also filled with some great learning, I need to work on listening more, loving more and serving better and I am truly thankful for the mentors I have that help teach those lessons!


i am grateful for the knowledge that each day is filled with choices, right down to my very mindset. I can choose in each moment how to feel, act and what to do. I am grateful for knowing I control all aspects of my life and that it is my choices that create my life, it is never an “effect” of anything else.