Top Gear

Payton and I recently started watching old episodes of Top Gear. It is a funny show, but a great time to just hang out with my oldest son.  I am grateful!


Casey’s Birthday!

I am so grateful I get to celebrate another birthday with Casey! Birthdays are my favorite and I have planned a few surprises! I cannot wait to celebrate with him. He is such an amazing person and I know he will be so happy to spend the time with his family and friends!

SMH Horseshoe tourney

Every year, we get together as a huge group to have a horseshoe tournament in remembrance of a great person and friend who passed away tragically 6 years ago in an ATV accident.  This year was exceptionally special with the recent passing of Karisa as well.  It is such a great day! There is a 16 team horseshoe tournament (with a waiting list of 10 teams), a giant blow-up waterslide for the kids, people bring their campers and tents and sleep out at Bryon Hawkins’ house, we bbq, we socialize, we have a huge fellowship. It is such an amazing way to remember such awesome people, by spending time with people we love even if we don’t get to see each other that often.  I am so grateful to have known Shawn and Karissa, and am beyond blessed to have so many friends that stay close after so long!

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Light giver

I was reading The Dash this morning and this quote showed up.  I realized that Sheri is definitely my light giver, I don’t think my light was “out”, but she definitely kindles joy in our life 🙂  I am grateful for her- our light giver!inspirational-picture-sayings_15914-1

Our Yard

I am grateful we have a yard for our dogs to play in, to have bonfires in, to plant a garden in, and just simply relax and enjoy the small things in. =)th

Family Dog Piles

When Sheri got home last night, we all dog piled her (and Hermione licked her face), it was a great moment of pure joy.  I love my family and am grateful our boys are still at the “hugging” age 🙂