Today is Casey’s Birthday and I am so Happy I get to celebrate with him!ac09705cd773015abcbba8119b26b9e0.jpg


Isaac’s Experiences

This past weekend, Sheri and Isaac went on the Boy Scout Camping Retreat. Isaac went fishing, whittled some wood, shot BB guns, learned archery, went canoeing, and had a blast! He had some great times with new friends and had a tremendous experience (Sheri had fun too :). I am so grateful for learning experiences that happen outside (as well as inside) the classroom and am truly proud of the person Isaac is!

Summer Nights

I am enjoying the summer nights we have been having, they are the best!


The 10%

I just came across two stats that make me part of the “10%” of Americans- I don’t watch Game of Thrones, and I don’t own a microwave =) I am grateful to be different at times.


Gluten Free Beer!

I am thankful for gluten-free food. Especially gluten free beer, since I LOVE BEER! I feel so much better since I decided to cut gluten out of my diet!



Father son time

Sheri and Isaac are away at Boy Scout camp through Wednesday. Although it is strange not having them home, I also am grateful for some Payton-Dad time. He is growing so fast (into middle school in a few months). I am so proud of my boys, and so sad they grow so fast. It is a strange and wonderful feeling to miss the days past with them, to be so grateful for who they are right now, and so excited for who they will be in the future. I am so lucky to have the family I have and am grateful every waking moment!


I am grateful

to be able to talk to my mom daily, and laugh until we have tears in our eyes.

She is pretty awesome.