My Boyfriend

I am grateful for Casey, for filling every day with laughter. He is my best friend, he always believes in me and encourages me. Each and every day is the best because of him!


Lifelong friends

This weekend we had one of Sheri’s lifelong friends come visit and stay with us.  And we booked a trip for her to visit another one soon.  We are also blessed to get to travel to see other friends this weekend for the 4th of July.  Good friends that can grow as you grow, that remain friends through the tests of time, I am truly grateful for these blessed friendships!

Our Bodies

I am grateful for our bodies and what goes on inside all of us! It is definitely something that people do not think of on a normal basis, in the fact that our bodies can function and regulate itself without us having to even think about it. We don’t think about breathing, or creating new cells, or filtering our blood, or secreting enzyme, it just does. They also give us the ability to do the things we want to do in life. It is simply AMAZING!






I am thankful for teams and teamwork! I realized today we have a great team in our office, I have a great team in my family, I have a great team of mentors and supporters in the Pinnacle group. Teams help each member grow, give their best and support each other throughout life. I am grateful for such amazing groups of people in my life that help me live, love and strive to be my best!



I am grateful for my family!  They are always there to support and motivate me to be a better person each day! They are an every day reminder of where you came from and your background. My favorite time of the year is when we all get together 🙂


ImageJune has been packed with Birthdays! I love celebrating the day with those special people in my life! Its so great to celebrate them as a person and all that they are and do for others around them! It is also a great time to set personal goals on your own birthdays and to look back over the past year and see how you have grown. Life should be celebrated!




I am grateful for the hugs from the kiddos I get to adjust. They always are so happy to be here, and they express so much joy after getting adjusted. Each time I get a kiddo hug, it makes my day!