This morning I went on a walk with our dog Buttercup. It was a beautiful morning and at one point I stopped (so she could do her ‘business’) and I looked up and saw this beautiful tree.


When we started walking again, I saw that the tree was obscuring some pretty amazing hot air balloons!


It got me thinking about how our view/perspective determines our world. And although the tree was beautiful, by taking a small step to the right (or left, this isn’t about politics :), a whole different beauty emerged.

Be open to fresh ideas, new viewpoints and be prepared for un-seen beauty.

I am grateful for changing perspectives!


Proud Productive weekend!

This weekend we installed a new backsplash in our kitchen, painted some cornhole boards and rearranged our family room to display books. It ha gotten a bit junky in there. We also got a new grill! I am grateful for my wife who is my partner in an amazing life, my brother who is making the 2 sets of cornhole boards with me, and my kiddos for their help and love! I am grateful!