Walking to Work

Springtime (not officially, but Mother Nature has decided it is) in the Rockies is utterly wonderful! Crisp morning, sunshine, snow-capped peaks, cool evenings… everything about it is wonderful! I am so grateful for being able to walk to work, produce some Vitamin D, smile, laugh in the rays and enjoy nature’s beauty!


Sharing, teaching, learning


Last night, I (and my rockstar Office Manager) had the opportunity to speak to a room full of Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants. It was an honor to do so! We also listened to a few other speakers who are on the same mission: to help as many people as we can. One of the best ways we do that, is by helping each other become better servants of humanity. I am grateful for learning, teaching, sharing and propelling ourselves and others in that mission!

Learning and implementing

This weekend I attended an amazing Pediatric Neurology seminar. I learned applicable things for my practice and for my life. We discussed the importance of social connections on the human brain (adult and pediatric), and the importance of right brain activities (creativity, fun, play) on brain and nervous system development and health. We discussed some alarming statistics (kids ages 13-18 spend almost 9 hours a day on entertainment “media”, over 1million kids under the age of 5 are on psychiatric drugs, etc) and talked about how all of this needs to change. It was a great seminar and I am truly excited to help my patients, friends and my family love better, feel better and become more connected and alive!

We also had a lot of fun with a good friend and their wonderful family. I am grateful!



Throughout our home, we have some very positive and uplifting signs. My wife made quite a few of them, others we have purchased through the years. I am grateful for them, and for the reminders to CHOOSE my day and forge my life 🙂


Inspiring music with inspirational company

This weekend we had the distinct pleasure of attending the Mat Kearny concert with 2 great friends. We had an amazing dinner before hand, talked about life, our children and laughed…a lot. The concert was fantastic and uplifting. I am so grateful for the wonderful people in our lives and the amazing times we share!


Reminders to notice


This morning at our meeting at work, Jessica (Office Manager of Lindeman Chiropractic) read a quote about the importance of taking some time to brag/realize our accomplishments.

I am grateful for the reminders to notice (in the midst of trying to improve/grow) how awesome life already is!

You can read more about it on this post


Little gifts, great coffee

When we were in Estes Park last weekend, Sheri bought me this mug (I swear I didn’t pull a Michael Scott and buy it myself).

I am grateful for the little gifts we get each other as tokens of our love :-).

I also am grateful for this great creamer

It is yummy!