I recently discovered this awesome app: Evernote. I LOVE IT! You can type up notes, highlight things on pdf documents, annotate things, etc. I use it to make cliff note’s versions of my favorite books (biggest takeaways), highlight reading material and annotate with questions or etc, and to type up my writing so I can share with “editors” and etc. It has been a great find!



Reconnecting with friends

I was able to reconnect with some friends over the weekend and it was GREAT! Its awesome to catch up and see where everyone is at in their life- and I just so happened to find out that one of my friends moved into the same neighborhood as me and we are planning morning walks with the dogs.
It was also great that I accidentally ran into a friend who had just moved back to Denver this past weekend- so seeing him was a nice surprise as well.



Beauty in the Sunsets

This sunset was AMAZING. Casey and I just sat and watched the sunset last night, and it was much needed to see the beauty in something after a weekend filled with sadness.

I am grateful for the beauty in the little things.IMG_20170129_203142_540.jpg

Family football

Yesterday we had unseasonably warm weather here in Colorado. We took advantage by getting some families together and playing a friendly football game. I am grateful for sunshine, friends, families and fun!

Tsuro and other board games

Last night we had a family game night and played a couple games. Tsuro was a hit! You place path tiles on the board to move you piece around trying to stay on the other and not get pushed off the game board. It is a simple but fun game and I am so grateful for games like it, they allow for some great laughter and family connection!

Time with family every morning

I am so grateful for my mornings. I get to have coffee and time with sheri, breakfast and walk Isaac to school, and then come home, hang out with Payton a bit before he leaves for school and then I still have time to myself to prepare for the day! I am blessed and grateful!