I love mornings! I love the quiet, calm and beauty. I am thankful!!


Close Proximity

I am so grateful that I live so close to the office! This morning, I took the dog into the vet downtown for an appointment, and I realized how much I take for granted the fact that I don’t have to fight traffic daily! I usually can walk to work, and I am grateful for that proximity!

I am also grateful for being in such close proximity to nature on my walk. This morning was beautiful!


This morning I went on a walk with our dog Buttercup. It was a beautiful morning and at one point I stopped (so she could do her ‘business’) and I looked up and saw this beautiful tree.


When we started walking again, I saw that the tree was obscuring some pretty amazing hot air balloons!


It got me thinking about how our view/perspective determines our world. And although the tree was beautiful, by taking a small step to the right (or left, this isn’t about politics :), a whole different beauty emerged.

Be open to fresh ideas, new viewpoints and be prepared for un-seen beauty.

I am grateful for changing perspectives!

Times with Hermione

Our family lost a wonderful dog last week :(. Hermione was only about 5 years old and she passed away suddenly from Bloat/gastric torsion while we were in Glenwood Springs for Payton’s soccer tournament. We have had some time to grieve and I will always be thankful for the joy she brought to our lives. She enriched our family in so many ways and will truly be missed.