Inspiration EVERYWHERE

I am so grateful to live in a world full of hope, purpose, and passion! It is so easy to find motivation and inspiration. Books, movies, quotes, and videos are all just a fingertip away, as long as you are looking for them 🙂



for my Mom!! She is amazing. When we talk on the phone and I’m with my friends she is usually on speaker and they always comment how we sound exactly the same! I’ve even face timed her on game days and we will have the same BILLS shirt on.

It is great to just always have that person there to encourage you, laugh with you/or at you, and share amazing moments together. (even though we cant be together all the time in person, not a day goes by where I do not talk to her on the phone) Shes the best.

A Weekend worthy of THANKS!

This Thanksgiving weekend was fantastic! We had 16 people over for the big feast, watched some football, told some stories, connected and laughed… a LOT! I love Thanksgiving because it always brings us together and we all connect on a deep level.

We also worked at a Holiday Fair (Gypsy Farmhouse Market) on Saturday as an entire family, and it was a lot of fun as well.

Sheri and I had a home date night, which was awesome.

I am so thankful for all the people in my life, and taking extra time to connect.

I am also thankful for my shiny new phone (and cool new photo options) I took this picture at the Market Saturday…


State Parks

I am very greatful for State Parks, I went to Barr Lake State Park for the first time, and it was an amazing experience. I met a couple State Park Volunteers and they were so nice! I sat with them and watched Bald Eagles for about an hour.

They also had a photo scavenger hunt and I won a prize and was entered into a bigger drawing in December.


I am so thankful for all the beauty Colorado holds and and interested in becoming a volunteer! =)

I am grateful for…

*My AMAZING wife Sheri *My incredibly smart and compassionate children Payton and Isaac *My brother Tony *My sisters Robin and Karin *My parents *Sheri’s Parents *My awesome dog Hermione *My chiropractic office *Walking to work *Hard working, compassionate, caring Jessica (my rock star Office Manager) *My smoothie machine (ninja) *My house *My cool Audi *Our Honda Pilot family hauler *My income *Referral based practice *My newest (and closest) friends Matt and Blake *Scotty Ash (who has been my best bud for over 25 years) *A group of like-minded individuals, pushing each other to improve how we serve *inspirational books *music *itunes *the book I am writing * *my journal *awesome Tvs at home *technology at work *digital xray *mentorship (receiving and providing) *Chiropractic *my health and the health of my family *Michael Perry counseling *vacations *Pinnacle trips *morning coffee/breakfast with the family *freedom *financial stability *”first world” problems * *The Rocky Mountains *Sunrises *Sunsets *family walks *beers with the guys *topgolf days *Fridays off *26 hour work weeks * Laughter and the choice to laugh *Simple Exercises (push ups, planks, etc) *computers *homebrewing *Reading *Down Time *Hustle and Bustle time *New Patients *Existing Patients *Game nights with friends *poker night with the boys *trips to Lake of the Ozarks *Silent Snowstorms *Loud Rain/thunderstorms *Birds out my window at home *Chess or Cribbage with Sheri *Smiles of strangers *Hugs from friends *Big Dreams *clean water *Connection to others *Breathing exercises *Meditation *unexpected text messages *inspirational quotes *dinner at a friend’s house *meeting up with ‘old friends’ *NFL football *Fancy coffee *lunchtime naps *cuddle time *scented candles *air conditioning *heating *heated seats in the car *chiropractic forms done for me *speedy scanners at work *my cell phone *people that love me *trips to the mountains *blogging *video-game-mind-escapes *team building activities *playing soccer *throwing the football or Frisbee or baseball with my wife and kids *driving the RC car with my boys *weekly phone calls with Dennis and John to get mentally prepared to serve *text groups as an outlet for inspiration and gratitude *Netflix and amazon instead of cable *high speed internet *opportunities for learning *Hugs from patients *laughter at “work” *Warm jackets *lunch meetings *great food nearby *variety of food *Dr. Stiles’ radiology reports *Bosu Ball workouts while watching a good show *journaling *restful sleep *vision *purpose *love *Colorado sunshine *Freedom to take weekend vacations *Freedom to take weekly vacations *Good health *Financial freedom to have PRP/Stem Cell therapy done *Playing pool with my sons *Freedom to go out to dinner *Salary bonuses (giving and receiving) *”Mastermind” groups *All the kiddos I get to treat *Hugs from kiddos *All the gratitude I receive from patients *Seeing current and past patients wherever I go *The overwhelming love and compassion I am surrounded by… *The fact that this list will go on for infinity! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was so much fun! I was able to attend Payton’s Student-of-the-month award breakfast. I picked up a shiny new kegerator for my hombrew hobby. I went golfing, indoors using an awesome virtual golf simulator. I watched my son play two Futsal games as goalkeeper. Sheri and I went on a fun date night. I brewed a batch of beer with a few buddies. I watched some football (even if the Broncos aren’t very fun to watch this year). And we had dinner at a wonderful family’s house. Life is good. I am truly grateful!