Little Critters

I am thankful for each and every one of God’s creations! At about 1 in the morning, we found this little salamander in the kiddie pool (that we use for the dogs) in our backyard 🙂 We walked him over to a pond and set him free! So cute!



Text groups

Since the trip to San Diego, I have been in a text group with a couple docs from out of state. It is great to have different viewpoints and different avenues for inspiration! I am also grateful for the group of Colorado docs, I love sending and receiving texts in the morning to get the head focused and the heart on service!

Out..standing or outstanding?

Read this on my yoghurt this morning and it made me think of the difference between being outstanding in your field vs being out…(just) standing in your field :-). Words have meaning and the choices are ours :-). Grateful for how much depth there is in our language and the choices we have everyday! 


This weekend we finally had our backyard spinkler system replaced. We had an underground drip system from the previous owner back there that never really worked… I am so grateful for how beautiful our backyard will be and I am grateful for the fact I didn’t have to install any of it myself :)!


Weekends with Casey

I am so grateful we get the weekends together! I never occurs to me that a lot of my friends work opposite shifts and barely have time together. We have so much fun and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! (This past weekend we built two raised garden beds and got to explore & ride our bikes around Denver at Doors Open Denver- which we have done every year since we moved here =)  It was a blast)



Social Media Support

It is so great to have a support group on line where you can check in for what ever you may  need. I belong to a motivational/inspirational group and a workout group and we all keep each other in check and motivated to accomplish different things we set out to do!