Banjo Inspiration

Recently, I discovered the song “Going to Mars” by Judah and the Lion. I LOVE THE SONG. The sound is great (never thought I’d rock to a banjo, but they have some amazing songs that make me do just that), and the lyrics are just phenomenal.

Huge reminder to dream big! We can do anything. I believe that 100% and I am grateful for reminders in the most uncanny of places 🙂


One word

A few years ago, I discovered this book:


I loved it! The idea is each year, choose a word (rather than a resolution) that you want your life/year to be about. In the past I have chosen “Inspire” and “growth”. This year I choose “serenity.” I love the idea of picking a word that will serve as a theme for the year. This year, I discovered this:


It’s a way to put your word into use. You “stamp” your word (using chisel type letters and a hammer) into a gold or silver token and put it on a bracelet, keychain, necklace, etc.

I am grateful for new ways that help me stay inspired, keep me on course for living my purpose!

Happy 2018!!

Grateful for Gratitude

As we near the end of the year, I wanted to make a distinct effort to sincerely thank all my amazing patients. I am so grateful for them allowing me to be their family’s Chiropractor, it truly is the best job in the entire universe.

I have also found that the more I make this effort, with a sincere thanks, a hug, or whatever means makes the most sense… I feel better and better in side.

Gratitude grows the heart of the grateful one 😉


Happy Holidays and I am SOOOOO thankful for all my patients, readers, co-workers and friends!


Reminders to focus

This morning, as I was writing a chapter titled “Your Monkey Mind.” I was reminded of all the information we are bombarded with every day. I did a bit of research via my good friend Google and found this article:

It discusses the myth of the positive aspects of multi-tasking. In actuality, multi-tasking is really a whole bunch of starts and stops on different activities. It is not smooth in any way. The article discusses an experiment: write two lines on a piece of paper. Have someone time you (or Google an on-line stopwatch and use that).

Start the timer On the top line write out numbers 1-27. Then on the bottom line write out the letters A-Z. Record the final time.

Now draw two lines again. This time, write top line and bottom line one at a time. I.e: Write 1 on the top line then A on the bottom, 2 on the top, B on the bottom. Simple, right? I bet if you do this activity, you will more than double the time it took to complete the first activity.

It is a good exercise to remind ourselves to FOCUS. So that is what I am working on today, focusing 100% to the task at hand. Focus 100% on the person I have been given the opportunity to serve. Focus on the here and now 🙂


Inspiration EVERYWHERE

I am so grateful to live in a world full of hope, purpose, and passion! It is so easy to find motivation and inspiration. Books, movies, quotes, and videos are all just a fingertip away, as long as you are looking for them 🙂

My amazing kids!

Payton was awarded Student of the Month at Westlake Middle School! He has a special award breakfast Friday (and I am so grateful I can go).

Isaac’s handwriting teacher said he is just plain rockin it! He has grown by leaps and bounds in 3 short visits!

Both boys are participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this November and they both are writing up a storm! They each will have a novel published on Amazon at the end of the month!

I am one proud pappa!


Steamboat Serenity

This weekend, we took a (sort of) spur of the moment trip to Steamboat Springs. It was incredibly beautiful, refreshing for the soul, and offered a weekend of connection for our family! We took some hikes through amazing scenery, ate some amazing food, shopped and bought some great stuff and spent some quality time together as a family. It was purely awesome! I am so grateful for the freedom to enjoy weekends, the proximity to such amazing places here in Colorado, and for my family, whom I love with all that I am!