Like-minded awesome people

Last night we had a regional meeting with some amazing Chiropractors and their amazing Chiropractic Assistants. It was a great meeting. We focused on the importance of goals, but how goals don’t “drive” us, it’s the purpose behind the goals, the WHY that truly drives. I was honored to speak at the event on the subject and even more honored to be a part of such a special group of people. We don’t get together to discuss billing, or insurance, or xrays or etc. We get together to see how we can serve others better. Our missions “jive” in that we just want to help as many people as we can, and we get together to help each other along that path!

Lunches with my buddy

Yesterday, I was blessed to go to lunch with Isaac, my 10 year old boy. He came with me to my weekly adjustment (yes, us chiropractors get adjusted too to stay healthy :), then we went to Jason’s Deli (his choice) where he had a sandwich almost as big as his head, and then we jammed to some awesome music we found on  Great day!

I am so thankful to be able to spend time with my kids, my wife, and my friends like that! I am blessed and truly grateful!


This week, I have had quite a few patients hug me. A couple of patients came in, not even to get treated, but just to give myself and my awesome staff hugs. I am so grateful for what I get to do, and the fact that our patient’s lives change so much through Chiropractic that they just want to hug us to show their appreciation… that’s pretty dang AMAZING!!hugs

Long Distance, Long Term Friendships

I have a great friend (probably worthy of “BFF Keychain” status) that I have known since Middle School. I have lived in Kansas City while he was in Denver, He has lived in Michigan and now North Carolina while I am in Broomfield, Colorado. We still have remained very close, texting weekly, even talking every once in a while ;). I consider him one of the best people on the planet and I am truly grateful for our friendship that has stood the test of time and distance. Yesterday, he called me to ask if I would be his newest son’s Godfather! I am completely honored and humbled! So thankful!

me and scotty

In the past couple years, I have become great friends with Blake. We’ve lived in the same neighborhood for a few years, our kiddos are best friends. Sheri and Erin (his wife) are great friends as well. They would come over spur-of-the moment for barbeques or vice versa, we brew beer together. All in all, pretty sure we are kindred spirits :). They are moving to Golden, only about a 30 min drive, but won’t be as easy to “pop on over.” I will miss that, but I know our friendship will also endure. I am grateful!

joel blake

Sheri has been best friends with Kim(my) since I think elementary school! Kim has lived in California, New Zealand, even Antarctica! They have remained best friends through it all and still turn to each other for guidance and connection! It is truly amazing to see and I am grateful!

us and kimmyh


Three things 

I am so grateful for levity on the path of inspiration!

I am grateful for Isaac! It is his last day today at school and his best friend is moving to Golden. He is sad,  but he made himself happy today, did some affirmations on our walk to school and he is ready for an amazing day! I am so proud of his soul!

Payton has his last day of 6th grade today and he is getting an award at lunch! (We also found out he will be in 8th grad honors math next year!) He is such an intelligent and caring young man and I am so lucky to be his father!


The last book I read and the book I am currently reading discuss the power of habits, both positive and negative. I am truly grateful for the habits that have gotten me to where I am in life and I am also grateful for knowing I need to change some habits to go further. I am even more grateful for knowing that changing habits is a definite possibility (with some effort of course ;)!

Grow and Evolve

I am grateful for opportunities to grow and evolve in all realms of life.

Last night, I watched a webinar (2 hours) on evolving my doctor’s notes and software to become more compliant, streamlined and beneficial for the patient. I know that if I hold on to stability too hard (in any area of my life), I am basically hoping to be a stone… stones don’t grow 🙂

At first changes can seam daunting but I am grateful for opportunities to grow!