I am grateful for the reminder its the sustained (coal-fire) effort that achieve desired results, not the running push and then sitting back 🙂Web


Active People

I love how active COLORADO is! Everyday driving to work there are people walking, running, and biking. Even our patients are athletic and healthy. Its just great to see people bettering their lives and living an active lifestyle. It makes it hard to be lazy around here =)

Audiobook walks

This morning, I walked to work and took a longer way. It was a beautiful morning! It also allowed me some time to listen to an audiobook The 10x Rule.  The author is a bit overenthusiastic, but so far, it is a good book.  I am grateful to be able to use that time to enjoy the beautiful area we live and to learn a bit as well 🙂

Boulder Farmer’s Market

On Saturday morning we went to the Farmer’s Market in Boulder. It is so much fun, and so great to get fresh, awesome veggies, fruit (and other goodies).  We love going there to shop around and get some breakfast/lunch and people watch :).  It also helps when we live in an amazing state! (I love coming over the ridge on highway 36 when the flatirons come into view in the valley below :))

Positive Support

I am grateful for the positive people in my life. We all share a similar outlook on life by wanting to create a better place/environment both for ourselves and others! With all the negativity out there it is great to have these people as a support system!

Fun Events

Last night they had a free capital cities concert at Skyline Park. It was super last minute and Casey and I not only had a great time but also ended up meeting a few new people. One was a freelance photographer that was taking pictures of the event, he was really interesting and told us about his work and the places and people he had done work for (billion dollar companies) that he shared some funny stories about.

I love meeting new people- its always interesting to here their stories and it just makes you realize how many great people there really are out there =)


yrsterday we went to Sheri’s family reunion in Co Springs. There were people from all sides of the Thomas family (Sheris moms maiden name).  Toward the middle of the day we played kickball, it was a great way for all the adults to let loose and relax around a bunch of people we didn’t know. And people of al ages played and had fun!