I am grateful I live and work in the same community.  I am grateful my “commute” home is incredibly short and I am grateful to see patients shopping, at coffee shops, etc. It feels good to serve in the community where I live 🙂



Today would have been my Dad’s 61st Birthday, and I am extremely grateful for the memories, and the times we had together.

snowed in

I am grateful for heavy snow! I love the beauty of it and the excuse it gives for the family to play board games, huddle by a fire, or tackle some home projects that we’ve been putting off.  It was a fun weekend, and I am grateful!

The Caring People In Our Lives

Throughout Casey’s recovery we have been receiving random gifts from people- some even signed anonymous or “from people who care”. The support and kindness from others has been so amazing. We are extremely grateful.

Chinese New Years

Today is Chinese New Year. I am grateful to be home this year to celebrate with family. Even if it’s as simple as giving them a call to wish them a happy new year and good health and happiness for the year. When you get married, you hand out little red envelopes to family and friends who are younger and single as a blessing and good luck for the new year. A while ago, Mike and I stuff these red envelopes with money and we’re excited to be handing them out this year for the first time. Hoping everyone a good year full of new experiences, happiness, love, and good health.


Bare Trees

I know that sounds weird. But when you are hiking, it is more peaceful, and you can see farther. I can see the mountains from my house in the winter too which makes me happy. =)