Sushi Go (and other games)

Yesterday was a lot of fun! My beautiful wife and I spent the morning together (running some errands, getting things ready for Easter, eating an amazing sandwich at Snarf’s). We also had a wonderful family dinner, and played Sushi-Go as a family. I am thankful for the time we spend as a family and the games that make it easy to keep the TV off sometimes and the connection ON :)!




I am grateful for

Visions, Goals,



“if you dont stick to your values when they are being tested they arent values they’re hobbies. “- Jon Stewart

I am

Grateful for so many things!

Grateful for amazing travel opportunites that Dr Lindeman oh so generously sends me on!

Grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone!

Grateful for Friends in COLORADO that are basically my Family!

Grateful for amazing work enviornment where I get to help our awesome patients!

Grateful for a home to share with Casey and our pups and birds and fish =)

Grateful for Spring and my garden!

Grateful for out of town visits from great friends!

Grateful to talk to my Momma EVERY DAY and laugh until we have tears in our eyes!


etc. etc….





This weekend was a lot of fun. Sheri and I attended a great (hilariously funny) play on Friday (First Date at the Denver Center for Performing Arts) 

It was a blast!

Saturday, Payton had a soccer game early so the whole family hopped in the Pilot and we headed down. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

Then, our friends down the street held their annual National Corn Dog Day festivities. We ate corndogs (once a year :), played some cornhole, watched basektball, and laughed a lot.

Sunday, I took Isaac and a few friends to the movies, then we relaxed at home for some great family time during dinner and watched Coco the movie.

All in all, just a great weekend of quality time!


Sharing, teaching, learning


Last night, I (and my rockstar Office Manager) had the opportunity to speak to a room full of Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants. It was an honor to do so! We also listened to a few other speakers who are on the same mission: to help as many people as we can. One of the best ways we do that, is by helping each other become better servants of humanity. I am grateful for learning, teaching, sharing and propelling ourselves and others in that mission!