The past week or so has been kinda “blah” on the energy front… It happens to us all. And it can happen for a looooooong time if we let it. The choice is ours to make sure a fluke in mentality doesn’t become a full-on-funk.

I am grateful for great books that help switch my mental state to a positive one!

I am grateful for great music that makes my heart bounce, and my energy flow!

I am grateful for amazing friends and family that make my soul shine!

I am grateful for nature and immersing myself in it (whether that be for a minute or 60+) has a way to re-energize and revitalize.

I am grateful for all these things/people that are within inches from me at any given time, all I have to do is reach out and let them in :)!


Derby ditty

This weekend was a lot of fun! I had a brew day with good friends Friday. And on Saturday sheri and I attended Holy Family’s Gala. It was a Kentucky Derby theme, silent and live auction, dinner and dancing. We stayed at the Omni Interlocken (our kids came too and Sheri’s parents met them to play some board games and order room service)! Sunday was relaxing with some outdoor activities and family time. 

I am truly grateful for my life! 

Family Adventures, Vacation, and loving the “grind”

We had an amazing trip to New Orleans last week. I am so grateful for time away with family, adventures, learning, history and love!
I am also so grateful for getting back to “the grind” of getting the kids ready for school, heading to work, serving anyone I can through chiropractic, making lunches and family dinners. I. Love. All. Of. It. 🙂


Dreams, Reality, everything in between

So, lately the dream of a new fancy car has bitten me. I already have a pretty dang cool car, and at first I was feeling guilty. But I also am very grateful for dreams of all kinds (dreams of things to own, dreams of experiences to have, dreams of time spent with family and friends). Dreams can help drive us as long as we don’t attach too much meaning to them. My purpose is bigger than any dream, and dreams/goals are just markers along the way. I am grateful for dreams 🙂


I am also grateful for living in reality. I am grateful that my reality is pretty much a dream :). I am so thankful for my family, my friends, my career, the people’s lives I get to help, the people who help me, the beautiful state I live in, and the interaction I get to have with amazing people on a day to day basis. I am grateful for my reality.


I am grateful for life between reality and between dreams. Basically, I am just TRULY GRATEFUL for my life ;)!


I am so grateful for all the people who trust me (and whom I can trust) in my life. I have an amazing wife, wonderful children, a brother, 2 sisters, and some incredibly close friends. I am blessed to have a profession that I get to help people feel and live better, and they trust me to do so.

Trust is an amazing thing and I am beyond grateful for the amount of trust I have in my life!trust