Patient’s Appreciation

Last night we hosted our first ever patient Appreciation dinner. It was fun! Chiropractic has been such a blessing to me and my family. Also, my wife told me about how so many patients came up to her to tell her how appreciative they were of the care we provide as an office. It was humbling and amazing to hear what they said! I am so grateful!


7 years!

This week we celebrate Patient Appreciation week at work in honor of our 7 year anniversary at Lindeman Chiropractic! There isn’t enough room to type all I am grateful for and all my amazing patients give me. I am truly blessed and I am beyond grateful!

Soccer Saturday

Saturday we had 2 soccer games and luckily, the whole family was able to go to both. Also, Payton’s game was in Aurora so my parents met us and we went to dinner. It was a great day and evening!

Mr. Leaf Bug

Found this lil guy on my way back into work after lunch! He was just chillin on the sidewalk and almost got stepped on…. So I put my hand down to pick him up and he crawled right on (I think he knew I was saving his life;) So cool!