What an amazing Christmas weekend! We had dinner at Sheri’s parents house for Christmas Eve/their anniversary. We had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house and went to a beautiful mass (even the kids enjoyed it), then we went to my parent’s house for some mayhem with all the cousins and an amazing dinner. We visited Sheri’s grandfather, the kids spent the night at my parent’s house, we saw Rogue One with Sheri’s parents, ate some awesome food and had some tremendous family time. I am SOOOOOO BLESSED and an gigantically grateful!!!



Exciting and a bit scary

I am meeting with the city of broomfield and a land planner today to discuss the possibility of purchasing some land and building my own chiropractic office! Exciting! Scary! Changes are almost always good! I am grateful for the opportunities I have!

Mild Winters

I am grateful for the mild winters in Colorado  (hopefully i don’t jinx us).

My mom sent me this picture yesterday and it has still been snowing all day today. Its nice if you don’t have to go anywhere, but traveling in this much snow is no fun. unnamed.jpg

Phone Calls

I am forever grateful for the phone calls with my Grandma. I got to talk with her on lunch, and it made my day. (Today would have been my Grandpa’s 99th Birthday) I am extremely grateful for the small moments we get to share, even a phone call, since we are so many miles apart.

Ice sparkles

This morning as I was making my smoothie, I looked outside and saw little flashes of light in the sky. Very cool to see the ice crystals sparkle in the sunlight! 

Amazing Payton! 

Today is Payton’s 12th birthday! Time flies so fast and it is always bittersweet… I miss him as a tiny tot, but I am so proud of who he is and the young man he is becoming. I look back with an ache in my heart for times gone by, but I love every day I get to watch him grow too! I am a truly lucky daddy!