I am grateful for

Blue Skies and Green Grass



This great video

A friend posted this video this morning… great reminder of the importance of truly connecting in a “connected” world…


I am grateful for the lilacs in my front yard, they smell amazing! Its one of my favorite things to look forward to during spring.


New Experiences

On Friday, we had a fun “mystery” dinner night.  Dr. Diebold and his wife invited us to join them. We met at Edge restaurant downtown where they gave us champagne, then we got put on a bus with others, and drove for a while, ended at a private rooftop dinner (they had a macaroni and cheese bar where you could put whatever you wanted in it and they would cook it to perfection!), then we got back on the bus, with blindfolds, and ended up a Coors Field in the Owners Box for the Rockies game!  Then back to the private rooftop for a “silent disco” where we all had headphones that played music, but the music was not playing anywhere else.  We ended up at Edge again for dessert.  It was really fun and a different experience from the norm!

edge night out


I am grateful for our patients. Grateful for the couple of minutes they are in the office and we can be a part of helping their day be just a bit better.


I sound like a 5 year old, but I just bought an adult coloring book, and it is so fun! Its a great way for me to unwind at night.