Pura Vida!

We had such an amazing time in Costa Rica!! Family, fun, sun, rainforest, animals, no tv :-)! I am so grateful for my family, vacations, time together, my own business (so I can take time off)… life is amazing. PURA VIDA!



Yesterday we had a tremendously fun day at the office. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a Mom and Kids day. We had cupcakes, carnations, cards for the moms and wanted to serve as many families as we could! It was a ton of fun and we helped more people than we ever had previously! I am so thankful for my wonderful team at the office, my chiropractic assistants are rock stars! The families we get to treat are THE best people in the world!

I am also thankful for the other members of my team: my family, dr stiles the radiologist I send all my X-rays to for another set of eyes to look in to (we found a fractured pelvis on a new patient and therefore helped her get into surgery. She had been living with the pain for 4 months and a hospital missed the fracture previously), the awesome group of docs o text and talk to daily to get our head and hearts pointed in the right direction, and I am thankful for my friends outside of the chiropractic realm who enrich my soul.

I am grateful!!

Road to Recovery, Family Fun

My amazing wife Sheri had foot surgery last week. It definitely needed to be done and I am so grateful she is on the road to recovery! We have been hanging out around the house quite a bit, enjoying playing some games, reading, and watching some great shows (and some shows that she finds great… think SHIPLAP… and I can handle 😉 together. I am thankful that I was able to take a couple days off last week to stay at home with her. I am thankful her parents live close and her mom came over to spend time with her Thursday when I was at work. I am thankful that I take Fridays off so I could be with her then too!

Last week was also spring break for my boys! They are helping their mom a bunch too, and we got to spend some fun time together as well!

I am grateful for so many things, and this time with Sheri helps me realize how grateful I am for a lot of the things I take for granted 🙂