This week, I have had quite a few patients hug me. A couple of patients came in, not even to get treated, but just to give myself and my awesome staff hugs. I am so grateful for what I get to do, and the fact that our patient’s lives change so much through Chiropractic that they just want to hug us to show their appreciation… that’s pretty dang AMAZING!!hugs

Back to life ;)

This week I had a bit of a setback health-wise, had some sinus congestion that really lowered my energy level.

I am grateful for feeling better!

I am grateful for Yogi Throat Soother Tea!

I am grateful for episodes that force me to slow down, recoup energy so I can come back 100%!

I am grateful for chiropractic and acupuncture which helped me get through easier 🙂duane-downing-quote-im-back-to-normal-and-enjoying-life-again

Three things

I am going to start my day with stating 3 things I am grateful for…

So today: I am grateful for bite-sized learning/inspiration (Tools of Titans Book, Simon Sinek’s Daily email, Insight Meditation App, Notes from The Universe email, etc)

I am grateful for my awesome dog who smiles so widely it is infectious

I am grateful for the “7” app that lets me do 7 minute sets HIIT training exercises at night




I am grateful for TheSeeds4Life.Com for giving me an opportunity to write, publish and share messages that I find meaningful myself! The site is awesome! Everyday there is a post that is inspirational, motivational, and moving from a variety of different writers/bloggers with an array of insight! I love it!

I was published today and I am grateful: