Cleansing rain

We have had a few days of rain here in Colorado.  I love it! I love all the seasons and am grateful we get to experience them all. The rain has a wonderful character. I love walking in the rain, the smell, the sound, it truly feels refreshing and cleansing. 


Rules of the universe

I am so grateful for some of the unwrites “laws” of life. One enormous one is that you cannot out-give the universe. When we give joy, we receive joy. When we lift others up, we are lifted up. When we help others, our own burdens are decreased. These aren’t “mystical”, they are 100% reality. I am grateful that when I practice kindness, compassion, love, and gratitude all of these flow back into my life over and over again!


I am so grateful for learning! This past weekend a good friend and mentor gave me some advice on how to prepare before I go into the office every morning. I have implemented his advice these past few days, and it has been awesome. I walk in to the office inspired, loving, caring, grateful and ready to serve! It truly is amazing :)!


I am very grateful for the seminar weekend. It was great to be surrounded by people who encourage you and want to help you succeed. It is a great resource, and makes me grateful for our position to be able to help people feel better.

Soul squeeze

This weekend, I had a seminar in Kansas City and listened to some amazing speakers.  They reminded me of who I am and who I can become. I am so grateful for the “squeezes” of the soul that propel me to wake up, to love, to serve, to care more fully. I am grateful for my life, and the amazing people in it that lead me from motivation to inspiration and ultimately to transformation. 

Crisp mornings and cool evening walks

I love this time of year! It’s a bit crisp in the morning (hoodie and shorts weather), warms up later in the day and cools off in the evening. Every night this week we’ve been taking a walk with the dog. It is a calm, cool, beautiful part of the day and offers a chance for Sheri and i to connect, discuss our day, our goals, vacations we are planning for, and just enjoy each other’s company.