Lunchtime at home

Today, I am reminded of how awesome it is that I get to go home for lunch for a couple hours to eat, rest, re-energize for the afternoon, and today…connect with my son. Isaac unfortunately sustained a minor “head bonk” (not a concussion but still has a headache) yesterday at flag football, so we kept him home from school. His older brother is staying home keeping him company and today at lunch I will head home to relax with him too.

Times like this remind me how grateful I am to have the “job” I have, to live so close to it and to receive such satisfaction from it!

I am grateful!!


Warm Weather

I am grateful for the warmer weather and getting out and exploring.. I usually do the same hikes on the weekend and this weekend I happened to come across this fire lookout with amazing views!



For my amazing co-workers

Today is “Administrative Professionals Day.” I’ve renamed it to suit what my amazing co-workers do.

Happy Administrators of postivity, joy, oxytocin, love and healing Day to Jessica and Kristel!

I am truly grateful and lucky to have you on my team!

Our patients are so thankful for them both, there isn’t a shift that goes by that I don’t hear at least one “they are so thoughtful” or “those ladies brighten my day!”

They help keep this ship running, and they allow us to follow our purpose with passion, to help as many people as we possibly can!

I am truly grateful for them both!


National Book Day

was yesterday and I so grateful for ALL the books that I have read and have yet to read. I am currently reading Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce- I receive books from the book of the month club- and they add up quickly! I have so much reading to do!

I am thankful for the quite time I get every evening to sit and read.


Communication is of VITAL importance in all relationships! Last night, Sheri and I spent some time (as we do quite often) just chatting and catching up about our day, communicating 1-1.

I love talking with Isaac in the earlier part of the morning while he is eating his breakfast, and I love talking with Payton later when he is eating and getting ready for his day.

At the office, we have open lines of communication between my staff and I. We use hand signals for non-verbal communication to better serve our patients as well, so there isn’t a lapse in what needs to be done for them.

There have been times I have let communication dwindle in my relationships and that NEVER turns out well, and I am so thankful for the people in my life that help ensure the communication lines are always open and flowing 🙂