My Supportive Family!

IMG_0040I am so thankful to be blessed with such a loving, supportive family, who encourage me to follow my dreams and heart.  🙂


My Garden

I am grateful for my garden, this year it is taking me longer to plant with all the rain we have been getting. I’ve been so anxious, this year especially for all the new things I’m trying. Since its just Casey and I we usually set out a basket for the neighbors to enjoy as well! I am grateful for the joy it brings me =)


I was listening to an audiobook this morning, and part of it discussed how the author was laid off from his job at his architectural firm, along with hundreds of other people.  There are times I am “upset” that the office isn’t growing like I would like it to, I let my ambition to help as many people as I can drive me wild.  I become selfish… I am grateful for the reminder that I have stability in my job that many, many people do not have.  I get to walk to work, I work short hours, I receive energy from my work, and I am rewarded with patients, time and money.  I am grateful for my job and for the reminders of how grateful I SHOULD be 🙂

Warm day

It’s nice to have a nice bright sunny day after tons of rain. Definitely looking forward to another fun filled softball weekend.

Comforts of Home

Since I have not been feeling well, its great to come home to a comfortable bed, blankets, water, food, all the comforts of home, that I am so grateful to be able to have.


Last night, Lisa C posted on facebook “Mad props to Joel Lindeman, whose chiropractic skills always leave me feeling better. Thanks, Joel.”

And then her sister posted that she needed to come see us.  Then 2 other patients posted praise as well, one of which: Joel Lindeman was able to bring me to the point where I no longer have back pain, and when I first started going to him my back pain was so bad that I had trouble even breathing deeply. He is da man!:-John E

I am so grateful for such a rewarding, fun job and for the fact I get to help such awesome people!

Amazing Husband

I am extremely grateful for the amazing hard working husband I am lucky to have. Sometimes I think I take for granted everything he does for me and Emily. This weekend was a nice reminder of what I have and our amazing relationship. So glad that after almost fourteen years our relationship has gotten stronger.