Pura Vida!

We had such an amazing time in Costa Rica!! Family, fun, sun, rainforest, animals, no tv :-)! I am so grateful for my family, vacations, time together, my own business (so I can take time off)… life is amazing. PURA VIDA!


I am grateful

for many things!

I am grateful I was able to take an amazing trip to Utah with family.

I am grateful for hot air balloons! Today is Hot Air Balloon Day! I am grateful for the amazing hot air balloon ride I was able to take over Arches National Park. (Our pilot had said he has only done that route with the balloon about six times in the past 10 years)

I am grateful to connect with the people I care about most.

I am grateful I was able to attend a wedding for an amazing, strong, beautiful friend! It made me so happy to see her happy!

I am grateful I was able to attend a baby shower for such a an amazing friend who also has been on not the easiest journey but is finding the beauty in all the real and amazing things around her!

I am grateful for new experiences especially ones that have yet to happen! =)


Times with Hermione

Our family lost a wonderful dog last week :(. Hermione was only about 5 years old and she passed away suddenly from Bloat/gastric torsion while we were in Glenwood Springs for Payton’s soccer tournament. We have had some time to grieve and I will always be thankful for the joy she brought to our lives. She enriched our family in so many ways and will truly be missed.