Stoppage of time

I love this “show” on Netflix called Moving Art. It is just beautiful scenery with relaxing music shot in 4K HD. Just stunning and so relaxing. Isaac even took a nap with me watching today! 

I am grateful for these moments of calm tranquility!


Dreams, Reality, everything in between

So, lately the dream of a new fancy car has bitten me. I already have a pretty dang cool car, and at first I was feeling guilty. But I also am very grateful for dreams of all kinds (dreams of things to own, dreams of experiences to have, dreams of time spent with family and friends). Dreams can help drive us as long as we don’t attach too much meaning to them. My purpose is bigger than any dream, and dreams/goals are just markers along the way. I am grateful for dreams 🙂


I am also grateful for living in reality. I am grateful that my reality is pretty much a dream :). I am so thankful for my family, my friends, my career, the people’s lives I get to help, the people who help me, the beautiful state I live in, and the interaction I get to have with amazing people on a day to day basis. I am grateful for my reality.


I am grateful for life between reality and between dreams. Basically, I am just TRULY GRATEFUL for my life ;)!

Spring Cleaning

I am always grateful for this time of year.

Casey and I have been going through our house, and literally asking ourselves if we use certain things on a daily basis, and if we havent touched something in years we are donating it.

I love spring cleaning and just making room in our lives for everything that is most important to us.

Concerts, family fun, relaxation

This weekend I went to the Kings of Leon concert with Matt and Blake. It was a blast! I am grateful for concerts, for events that I can share with close friends. The memories are amplified:-)

I am grateful for family fun in the backyard on Friday. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed taking advantage of the weather!

I am also thankful for a relaxing Sunday. To re-energize for the fun week ahead!