I am so thankful to be part of a profession that offers hope to those who didn’t think they had any! A new patient came in last week, completely distraught. She has a pretty significant injury and has had numerous studies (X-ray, CT scans, MRIs) to determine the cause. She was told that surgery is probably her only option. I am so grateful for Chiropractic, because I know we can help her! I am looking forward to helping her feel better, and providing her with hope for a pain-free future!


Comfortable shoes, Colorado weather, Creative Coffee

I stand all day long at my job (well for both 3 hour shifts anyway ;). I am so grateful for comfortable shoes! A friend told me about Hoka One shoes for running, but they are phenomenal for just standing too! They have support and a great cushion, so I am truly grateful for them!


Yesterday was 80 degrees out here in Colorful Colorado! We may get some snow today! I love Colorado weather, we get to experience such a spectrum, but one thing is for sure, the sun is almost always shining!


I ordered coffee from 1000 Faces Coffee Company. Apparently, they are rated really high. I love how the coffee comes, in biodegradable, re-sealable bags. On each bag there are flavor notes like “blueberry, rum, bourbon, oak,” etc. I love coffee and I love the huge realm of flavors that you can find!


Carrier Pigeons…:)

This morning at our family breakfast we had a wonderful conversation about carrier pigeons… It was actually hilarious. We discussed the possibilities and the failings of carrier pigeons. We made up scenarios of how the carrier pigeons were used throughout history, and we named a few. Sheri (my amazing wife) looked up some info on them and we actually learned a great deal.

I am thankful for living my life with people (my wife, and my 2 awesome children: Payton and Isaac) that fill me up with joy. We fill each other up every day actually and I know I am truly blessed!


Chiropractic Care!

I am grateful for Chiropractic care. My friend back in NY had messaged me yesterday with certain symptoms she had been having and basically had asked if Chiropractic can help. And of course I said it most certainly can!

She was a skeptic, and I was able to find her a Chiropractic that had a gentle technique and gave him a call and let him know about her condition.

My friend said she had made the appointment and I told her to let me know how it goes.

I spoke with her on lunch and she was so grateful. She had said that “she is so happy right now. I’m not perfect but I feel so much better than I did, Thank You”

She had then said she was a “believer in Chiropractic and wish she had gone sooner!”

I agreed, and told her that Chiropractic is pretty great, and that i’m lucky I get to experience so many people get better on a daily basis.

I also told her she can now help spread the word about Chiropractic care =)

I’m so glad she is doing better and can get back to taking care of her amazing kids and not be in pain!

Important Reminders

Last night Casey and I went to Paramount to see Nick Offerman,the comedian, and along with all the laughs he also made a great point. He reminded us to put down our phones and pick up a hobby- really find something that you enjoy doing. Share it with the people around you, reach out to your neighbors, learn what they love doing in life. Be an integral part of your community around you by turning off the TV and cell phones, and tablets, and really work together. It’s amazing what people can do and what we can accomplish once we actually start connecting.