Yesterday we had a tremendously fun day at the office. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a Mom and Kids day. We had cupcakes, carnations, cards for the moms and wanted to serve as many families as we could! It was a ton of fun and we helped more people than we ever had previously! I am so thankful for my wonderful team at the office, my chiropractic assistants are rock stars! The families we get to treat are THE best people in the world!

I am also thankful for the other members of my team: my family, dr stiles the radiologist I send all my X-rays to for another set of eyes to look in to (we found a fractured pelvis on a new patient and therefore helped her get into surgery. She had been living with the pain for 4 months and a hospital missed the fracture previously), the awesome group of docs o text and talk to daily to get our head and hearts pointed in the right direction, and I am thankful for my friends outside of the chiropractic realm who enrich my soul.

I am grateful!!


Lunchtime at home

Today, I am reminded of how awesome it is that I get to go home for lunch for a couple hours to eat, rest, re-energize for the afternoon, and today…connect with my son. Isaac unfortunately sustained a minor “head bonk” (not a concussion but still has a headache) yesterday at flag football, so we kept him home from school. His older brother is staying home keeping him company and today at lunch I will head home to relax with him too.

Times like this remind me how grateful I am to have the “job” I have, to live so close to it and to receive such satisfaction from it!

I am grateful!!

The amazing potential

“The inner cell mass of an embryo possesses a cell whose entire offspring will form the human brain and nervous system. The most complex information processing device ever constructed. And it starts out as a fraction of the size of the period at the end of this sentence. ‘The mere existence of such a cell should be one if the greatest astonishments of the earth. People ought to be walking around all day, all through their waking hours, calling to each other in endless wonderment talking of nothing but that cel.”-Brain Rules for Baby (great book on the neurology of development)

-2 takeaways from this paragraph: we should be in awe of how amazing the body is and grateful for the miracles inside. And if that one cell is so amazing inside of us, there is nothing we cannot accomplish when we can tap into our potential.

I am grateful!!

Looking into Baby’s Eyes

I am so thankful that we have so many complete families as practice members in our practice! We get to help mothers, fathers, friends, grandparents, and children.

I love adjusting the amazing kiddos! There is something magical about when their eyes and mine match up. You can’t help but smile HUGE!

Research actually shows that when you look into a young child’s eyes, your own brain releases oxytocin (feel good hormone) and decreases cortisol and the feelings of stress. It actually makes you happier!

Newer research actually shows that when you peer into a child’s eyes, your brainwaves connect, setting the stage for non-verbal communication! Pretty awesome stuff!

I am so thankful for my “job” because it lines up 1000000% with my passion 🙂

Sharing, teaching, learning


Last night, I (and my rockstar Office Manager) had the opportunity to speak to a room full of Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants. It was an honor to do so! We also listened to a few other speakers who are on the same mission: to help as many people as we can. One of the best ways we do that, is by helping each other become better servants of humanity. I am grateful for learning, teaching, sharing and propelling ourselves and others in that mission!

Learning and implementing

This weekend I attended an amazing Pediatric Neurology seminar. I learned applicable things for my practice and for my life. We discussed the importance of social connections on the human brain (adult and pediatric), and the importance of right brain activities (creativity, fun, play) on brain and nervous system development and health. We discussed some alarming statistics (kids ages 13-18 spend almost 9 hours a day on entertainment “media”, over 1million kids under the age of 5 are on psychiatric drugs, etc) and talked about how all of this needs to change. It was a great seminar and I am truly excited to help my patients, friends and my family love better, feel better and become more connected and alive!

We also had a lot of fun with a good friend and their wonderful family. I am grateful!