I am grateful

for many things!

I am grateful I was able to take an amazing trip to Utah with family.

I am grateful for hot air balloons! Today is Hot Air Balloon Day! I am grateful for the amazing hot air balloon ride I was able to take over Arches National Park. (Our pilot had said he has only done that route with the balloon about six times in the past 10 years)

I am grateful to connect with the people I care about most.

I am grateful I was able to attend a wedding for an amazing, strong, beautiful friend! It made me so happy to see her happy!

I am grateful I was able to attend a baby shower for such a an amazing friend who also has been on not the easiest journey but is finding the beauty in all the real and amazing things around her!

I am grateful for new experiences especially ones that have yet to happen! =)



I am grateful

for EVERYTHING Casey does and ALL the hard work he does for the both of us! I am also grateful he has vacation time and I am even more grateful we get to spend some time exploring Utah together soon!

I am grateful for

the Denver Botanic Gardens- it was fun to escape to a warm greenhouse for a bit while it was cold and rainy over the weekend. They also have a new exhibit there as well that was fun to see!



Family Time

Casey’s Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins got in this past Friday from New York and it was great catching up and spending the weekend with them! They leave today for the Sand Dunes and then we meet back up in Utah next week!

Casey is very excited they are here! It makes me very happy we get some family time!

Tis the Season

For Hot Air Balloons! Another reason why I love spring I get to see hot air balloons every morning! I dont know why I love them so much but I do! I found these two this morning!

I am grateful for

meeting new people (friends), experiencing different things- such as Hot Pot Dinners, with our whole group who we dont get to see that often, catching up and playing new games, and just having fun! and Of course I am grateful for my amazing Momma (and thankful for those you can treat her on Mother’s Day since she deserves it and I cant be there)

Weekend Gratitude

I am grateful for many things that happened over this past weekend:

My Uncle completed his prescribed course of radiation therapy.

I wished a longtime friend a Happy Birthday.

We Celebrated Olivia’s Birthday yesterday.

Shared some delicious recipies with my mom.

My Cousin made her Communion yesterday as well and I was able to get pictures sent to me and got to talk to some family members that I havent talked to in awhile.

One of my favorite artist’s new album came out and I discovered a new song by a different artist that I Love!