Beauty in all places

I am grateful that beauty is everywhere! This is a mud puddle with a layer of ice on top. But it is beautiful! We can see beauty anywhere we look!!


Unexpected getaways

This weekend, Payton was scheduled for a soccer game in Canon City (3 hour drive from home), we were informed the game was canceled as we were driving to Colorado Springs. We made a great weekend out of it! We stayed 2 nights at The Broadmoor (our favorite hotel)! We had great food, sang along to ragtime piano, drove through garden of the gods, went bowling, and had an absolute blast! We celebrated our anniversary a month early and The Broadmoor took care of us:-). What a fun, unexpected weekend!

I’m alive

This morning, I woke up a bit late, grabbed coffee and drove my son, Payton to school. I was a bit tired but was greeted with this view after dropping him off.

Then this song came up on my playlist

Ok, great reminder to be joyful that I am alive… then this song played immediately after

“It’s your heart, it’s alive, it’s pumping blood…and the whole wide world is whistling.”

I am so grateful to have these moments, this breath, this body, this family, this “job”, this experience, this LIFE!

Wonderful weekend

This weekend was sooo much fun! We had the opportunity to rent a Tesla S from a friend for the weekend. I was able to cruise around in it for a few days, we went to Breckenridge for an impromptu getaway. Our next vehicle will definitely be a Tesla :-)!

We went on some fun hikes!

And saw some moose!

I am thankful for opportunities and experiences!


I am thankful for my mom! We had a surprise birthday party for her Friday. She turns 70 this week! My sister found this great picture of her.

I am thankful for my amazing wife! We had a wonderful date night this weekend!

I am thankful for my boys! Payton had a soccer game (he played goalie first half and scored 2 goals in the second while playing midfield!)

I had the coaches meeting for Isaacs flag football Saturday. I’m excited to coach him this year!



This morning I went on a walk with our dog Buttercup. It was a beautiful morning and at one point I stopped (so she could do her ‘business’) and I looked up and saw this beautiful tree.


When we started walking again, I saw that the tree was obscuring some pretty amazing hot air balloons!


It got me thinking about how our view/perspective determines our world. And although the tree was beautiful, by taking a small step to the right (or left, this isn’t about politics :), a whole different beauty emerged.

Be open to fresh ideas, new viewpoints and be prepared for un-seen beauty.

I am grateful for changing perspectives!