My Best Self Planner


A couple years ago, I began my foray into forging my days rather than just letting them happen. I have experimented with different planners and I love the Best Self Planner. It is simple, easy to use, contains some great quotes and has room for morning and evening gratitude. Every morning, as part of my routine, I take some time to plan my day (not just with “things to do” but with inspiration goals as well), check in on my plans for the week and the quarter and re-affirm my purpose. There is a spot on every daily page for writing out your mission/purpose. In the evening before bed, I open it back up, sit in my (squeaky) chair in our bedroom, and check back in to see how I did for the day. There is a section for “lessons learned” aka things I can improve upon and a section for 3 gratitudes from the day.  It is great and I am truly thankful for this great tool.


Also, it came with a dry erase 13 week calendar we use at work for our morning meetings. We write weekly and daily # goals, but also what we are working on as team and individually and we check back in/grade ourselves the following morning, it is a great way to start the work day too!


Estes Escape

Good morning! This weekend we took a quick one day/one night excursion to Estes Park as a family. It was great! We saw elk and deer, stayed in the Aspire Estates at the Infamous Stanley Hotel, enjoyed some amazing food and beverages (I had a bison ribeye), purchased some fantastic salt water taffy (sea salt and Carmel or Texas pecan were the best) and enjoyed true connection as a family. I am grateful for the ability to take little escapes, the love our family shares, and the beauty of Colorado!

The ability to exemplify

I am so grateful that we all are given the opportunity to be the example of how we want the world to be. In light of (yet another) tragedy plaguing our world, we can choose to bring the joy, we can choose to be the light, we can choose to exemplify what true human warmth and compassion is. I am thankful for the opportunity to be the example, and it is not taken lightly.

I am grateful for the love in humanity and the ability to choose to allow it to grow and spread or to do the exact opposite. Today and everyday, I choose love.


Love all around


I am so grateful for all the love in my life! It’s Valentine’s Day! I know many people think of this day as a “romantic” love day, and it is, but it is also a day to celebrate ALL THE LOVE that surrounds us in our lives. Friends, parents, acquaintances, pets, siblings, children, spouse… all of their love is just as significant. Love truly makes the world go round and if we can stop and notice how much of it we see in a daily basis, it will grow, as will love’s IMPACT. So I am grateful for ALL THE LOVE that surrounds us, and noticing that love truly makes the world go round :)!



as overrated as it is its still nice to text your friends and family and let them know how much they are loved.


Its also Ash Wednesday which makes it an even better day to do act act of kindness for someone you love.

making room for fun

you can’t take life too seriously.  You always see those sayings everywehere “I dont want to adult today”  or “I wish I was a kid again”

Over the weekend along with hiking and snowboarding in Vail, we also made time for a snowball fight and made sure to warm up with hot chocolate afterwards.

We also went to the Ice Castles and were right behind all the kids sliding down the ice slides! Which made us laugh even more since when you came down all the moms had their phones out to take pictures of the kids coming down and then a six foot tall guy with a beard comes down the slide! lol

Last night we even brought out our Nintendo DS’s and played Tetris and MarioKart!

You can abosolutely be an adult and still have fun and Casey and I have been doing just that. I am so grateful!

Getting a ton done!

This weekend, we updated the office. We painted, removed old cabinets, eliminated a lot of things we weren’t using anymore, hung some new cabinets and my awesome office manager and boyfriend hung wood slabs on some walls. It looks great and it felt good to update! I am so grateful for my own office to design as I please, and I am grateful for the help of amazing people along the way!