Family Time

Casey’s Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins got in this past Friday from New York and it was great catching up and spending the weekend with them! They leave today for the Sand Dunes and then we meet back up in Utah next week!

Casey is very excited they are here! It makes me very happy we get some family time!


Tis the Season

For Hot Air Balloons! Another reason why I love spring I get to see hot air balloons every morning! I dont know why I love them so much but I do! I found these two this morning!


Yesterday we had a tremendously fun day at the office. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a Mom and Kids day. We had cupcakes, carnations, cards for the moms and wanted to serve as many families as we could! It was a ton of fun and we helped more people than we ever had previously! I am so thankful for my wonderful team at the office, my chiropractic assistants are rock stars! The families we get to treat are THE best people in the world!

I am also thankful for the other members of my team: my family, dr stiles the radiologist I send all my X-rays to for another set of eyes to look in to (we found a fractured pelvis on a new patient and therefore helped her get into surgery. She had been living with the pain for 4 months and a hospital missed the fracture previously), the awesome group of docs o text and talk to daily to get our head and hearts pointed in the right direction, and I am thankful for my friends outside of the chiropractic realm who enrich my soul.

I am grateful!!

I am grateful for

meeting new people (friends), experiencing different things- such as Hot Pot Dinners, with our whole group who we dont get to see that often, catching up and playing new games, and just having fun! and Of course I am grateful for my amazing Momma (and thankful for those you can treat her on Mother’s Day since she deserves it and I cant be there)

What a weekend!

I am so grateful for this past weekend! I had the unique and amazing to see Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others at the National Achievers Conference in Denver on Thursday. It was wonderful and inspiring.

Friday Isaac had his 11th birthday party and we went to an Escape Room in Broomfield. It was a ton of fun! (And we escaped with less than 2 seconds to spare)!

On Saturday, we celebrated Mother’s Day as a family and with my mom and dad. We discovered a great new pizza place off South Pearl in Denver.

Sunday, we had soccer, flag football, relaxed a bit and then met Sheri’s parents for dinner at Anas Mexican Grill in Westminster.

I am so grateful for my family, my friends, my amazing wife, and my life!

My boys

Yesterday, Payton had his final 7th grade concert and he rocked! He was given two awards (one for the trumpet and one for maintaining first chair all year)

Last week Isaac went to regionals with his team for Battle of the Books! He and his team did amazing and I am so proud.

Perhaps the best though is a compliment from a patient of mine who lives in our neighborhood. Yesterday she told me “your boys are so polite and friendly. They are always respectful to adults and other children and it doesn’t go unnoticed. They are remarkable young men.”

I am so proud of my boys!