Calming, rejuvenating rain

This morning, my youngest son came downstairs and we turned off the lights, sat at the table watching and listening to the gentle rain. I am grateful for the peaceful time we had, the rejuvenating rain and the beauty of the world! 


Green tea Time

This morning, I got ready a bit earlier than normal. I thought I was driving the carpool to Payton’s school, but they wanted to brave the cold (like the tough 6th graders they are) and ride their bikes after playing some football at the park. Anyway, I was all ready early, so I had some more time. I decided to make some green tea (with some ginger pieces), and settle into my morning. I meditated for a bit longer, I read a bit longer, and I wrote a bit longer this morning. It was great! I am grateful for unexpected time, freedom and yummy green tea.

P.S. I LOVE the insight timer meditation app! Check it out if you need a simple, easy to use meditation app.


New routine

With Sheri back to teaching this semester, I have really changed my morning routine…and it is going great so far! I have time to walk the kids to school, eat, relax, read something empowering, meditate, talk with a friend/mentor, text out something inspiring to a few groups, make my smoothie, and write!

I am grateful for the time I have and the people I learn from everyday on how to use that time to lead a more inspired life!

Time with my boys

Sheri had a girls’ trip this weekend so it was just Payton, Isaac and I from Thurs through today. We watched the Olympics, played some soccer, basketball, watched Payton play in 2 soccer games, went to Cinebarre and had lunch while watching “The Secret Life of Pets”, watched a couple movies at home, played Life, Loot, and other board games, listened to our “guys” playlist outside, smoked some chicken wings and corn in the smoker, and just had a blast!

I am so grateful for my amazing children, and for the time we get to spend!