Looking into Baby’s Eyes

I am so thankful that we have so many complete families as practice members in our practice! We get to help mothers, fathers, friends, grandparents, and children.

I love adjusting the amazing kiddos! There is something magical about when their eyes and mine match up. You can’t help but smile HUGE!

Research actually shows that when you look into a young child’s eyes, your own brain releases oxytocin (feel good hormone) and decreases cortisol and the feelings of stress. It actually makes you happier!

Newer research actually shows that when you peer into a child’s eyes, your brainwaves connect, setting the stage for non-verbal communication! Pretty awesome stuff!

I am so thankful for my “job” because it lines up 1000000% with my passion 🙂




This week, I have had quite a few patients hug me. A couple of patients came in, not even to get treated, but just to give myself and my awesome staff hugs. I am so grateful for what I get to do, and the fact that our patient’s lives change so much through Chiropractic that they just want to hug us to show their appreciation… that’s pretty dang AMAZING!!hugs