My Best Self Planner


A couple years ago, I began my foray into forging my days rather than just letting them happen. I have experimented with different planners and I love the Best Self Planner. It is simple, easy to use, contains some great quotes and has room for morning and evening gratitude. Every morning, as part of my routine, I take some time to plan my day (not just with “things to do” but with inspiration goals as well), check in on my plans for the week and the quarter and re-affirm my purpose. There is a spot on every daily page for writing out your mission/purpose. In the evening before bed, I open it back up, sit in my (squeaky) chair in our bedroom, and check back in to see how I did for the day. There is a section for “lessons learned” aka things I can improve upon and a section for 3 gratitudes from the day.  It is great and I am truly thankful for this great tool.


Also, it came with a dry erase 13 week calendar we use at work for our morning meetings. We write weekly and daily # goals, but also what we are working on as team and individually and we check back in/grade ourselves the following morning, it is a great way to start the work day too!


Like-minded awesome people

Last night we had a regional meeting with some amazing Chiropractors and their amazing Chiropractic Assistants. It was a great meeting. We focused on the importance of goals, but how goals don’t “drive” us, it’s the purpose behind the goals, the WHY that truly drives. I was honored to speak at the event on the subject and even more honored to be a part of such a special group of people. We don’t get together to discuss billing, or insurance, or xrays or etc. We get together to see how we can serve others better. Our missions “jive” in that we just want to help as many people as we can, and we get together to help each other along that path!


I am so grateful for writing! I really didn’t “feel like it” yesterday, but I wrote anyway and an hour later I felt so much better! I am grateful for the way writing helps me get my thoughts out, inspires me and helps me feel like I can inspire others!

Here’s a snippet of what I wrote last night:


Synaptogenic Neuroplasticity: The ability to create new nerve pathways and nerve communications…
Think of riding a bike. I’m willing to bet you were not a BMX trick riding champ the first day you hopped on your trusty tricycle. (If you were, that’s just weird). You fell, scraped your knee, cried a bit, got some ice cream out of the whole deal and maybe some awesome Band-Aid with a Transformer or Voltron or maybe even that crazy Kool-Aid pitcher guy on it. Anyway, the more you tried to ride that bike, the better you became at doing so until eventually it was second nature (and all the neighborhood girls whistled and hooped and hollered…). Riding a bike actually became a habit, you don’t have to consciously think about the steps anymore.
If riding a bike isn’t your thing, the same scenario can be applied to brushing your teeth (minus the falling and scraping your knee and the girls whistling at your tooth-brushing prowess). At first you had to be taught how to brush. I am willing to bet (I truly hope anyway), that when you brush your teeth everyday, you don’t have to sit and think about how to do each and every step. It is almost a “mindless” activity. You have synatogenified some serious neuroplasticity in the realm of teeth-brushing! You should really get some sort of medal…
These same concepts can be applied to any series of thoughts or actions you have in your daily life. Think, do, say or act something enough times and new pathways form in your Nervous System making it easier to think, do, say or act them again. Tying your shoes, going to the bathroom, brewing your coffee, being unhappy, feeling like you aren’t doing enough, fear, worry, all of these things become habitual and reinforced the more you do them. When you focus on your fear, your worry, your low self-esteem, you are ingraining them into yourself not just in the mental sense but in the physical sense. You are removing barriers to feeling crappy… that kinda sucks to know, doesn’t it?
The good news is, because your brains are amazing, we can reverse that trend. If you are overweight and you start to exercise, eat right, and create habits out of doing so, you will lose weight. I’m sure there is no argument there. If you start working on yourself, increasing your self-worth, increasing your inspiration, giving more to others, if you start being more compassionate, more resourceful, more grateful, more motivated, happier and more at ease, you will remove barriers to feeling this way too. The more you work on BEING this way, the more nervous system connections you create (synaptogenic neuroplasticity) making it easier to be this way. You can MOLD yourself into WHO YOU WANT TO BE! After all, you molded yourself into who you are right now….


writing happy