Lunchtime at home

Today, I am reminded of how awesome it is that I get to go home for lunch for a couple hours to eat, rest, re-energize for the afternoon, and today…connect with my son. Isaac unfortunately sustained a minor “head bonk” (not a concussion but still has a headache) yesterday at flag football, so we kept him home from school. His older brother is staying home keeping him company and today at lunch I will head home to relax with him too.

Times like this remind me how grateful I am to have the “job” I have, to live so close to it and to receive such satisfaction from it!

I am grateful!!


Lunches with my buddy

Yesterday, I was blessed to go to lunch with Isaac, my 10 year old boy. He came with me to my weekly adjustment (yes, us chiropractors get adjusted too to stay healthy :), then we went to Jason’s Deli (his choice) where he had a sandwich almost as big as his head, and then we jammed to some awesome music we found on ¬†Great day!

I am so thankful to be able to spend time with my kids, my wife, and my friends like that! I am blessed and truly grateful!